How do I apply the nails?

Each set of nails comes complete with a tube of nail glue and a set of instructions. If you need to file the nails down, then do so before applying them. Spread a small blob of glue on the backs of the false nails, line them up with your natural nails and hold each one down for around ten seconds. Alternatively, they can be applied with your own nail glue or nail tabs which are readily available in all good chemists and supermarkets.

How long will the nails last?

The nails can last for up to a week, depending on how much you use your hands/what you use them for. Each nail is set with a good quality clear topcoat to ensure that the design lasts as long as possible without chipping.

How do I remove the nails?
You can remove the nails by soaking them in an acetone based nail polish remover. Alternatively, if they're already starting to come off, you can gently prise them off. Be careful though as this may damage your natural nails!

Are the nails reusable?

As long as you don't use a nail polish remover on your false nails, they can be used again. Just make sure you carefully peel them off your natural nails and they can be reapplied, the same way you applied them the first time.

How do I know the nails will fit me?
Each set comprises of 12 nails in 6 different sizes. The smallest nail is 8mm wide and the largest is 15mm wide. They can be filed down to size which won't affect the painted design.